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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Apr 25, 2006
      Hi, Scott-

      I'm comfortable in my Hennessy in my sleeping bag with a suspended mylar blanket in the 60's F.

      Another option is to get a length of fleece, maybe half of a 54-60" width, sew casings on each end and run elastic through the casings. Use a carabiner to hook the elastic, tied into a loop, into the two end loops inside the hammock, or under the hammock, on the outside. Connections to the side tie outs will help keep the fleece in place. More elastic might be needed with the blanket outside than inside the hammock. I put a zipper in the midline so that I could use this as a tunic around camp. I only experimented with this a little before giving it to Tom H. one year. It is heavier and bulkier than some other options, but very simple, easy, and cheap to effect...and multi use.

      Malden Mills is up the road from me, so I had a big bag of ends and seconds to play with. Lots of fun, but mostly gone, now. I may have to make another and to play with that tunic some more. Sleeves to wear when needed, attached maybe to each other with a strap-those could be handy inside the hammock for side insulation. Another multi-use item...Hmm!


      From: "Scott Schroeder" <schrochem@...<about:blank>>
      Subject: upper 60s

      I'm sure it's been said many a time but I just returned from a two
      night stay in my hennessy. I took along a SPE just in case. I used two
      1/8" evasote (or whatever that stuff is) pads and just didn't like it.
      It seemed fine testing it out at home but sleeping in it was a
      different story. The first night I just slept without and it was about
      68 in the morning. I use a summer quilt and was fine but my toosh got
      a bit chilly. The next night I just used one of the 1/8" pads and it
      helped but I really hate sleeping on pads.
      So what do yall do when you need just a little bit of warmth below you
      (that's not a pad)? use a full sleeping bag and the compressed
      insulation is enough?
      muchas gracias

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