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13580Re: [Hammock Camping] upper 60s

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  • Rick
    Apr 25, 2006
      Scott Schroeder wrote:
      >>I like the sound of that one. Although it would be difficult with the
      >>hennessy (I think). I tried to go to your site Rick, but it's
      >>currently down. Did you have instructions on the double hammock? I
      >>don't recall seeing it.
      > Okay, I found it on your site rick. The Zhammock right?
      > I understand now how you did that, thanks for the info.
      > On that page you wrote:
      > "Z-Hammock borrows the same bug net arrangement and hammock tubes
      > found on the LiteHammock"
      > Do you have that written up somewhere? I couldn't find the information
      > on the bug net arrangement. By the top photo it looks like a nice way
      > to handle the bugnet. Also, is that metal clip heavy?
      > Thanks
      > Scott
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
      The LiteHammock was an inbetween version that was described on the
      Hammock group, but not put out on the website.

      I think The best way to attach the bugnet is to just have a piece of
      velcro attached to a central strip of grosgrain and loop that strip
      around the support webbing or rope at each end. The sides of the bugnet
      just hang over the hammock. That is what I presently do with all my
      current hammocks.

      BTW, I would not presently use anything except one of the WarmHammocks.
      They are drier, and more comfy than the other designs. My personal
      hammock right now has a sack of 4 oz of down under the hammock in a pad
      that measures about 40 inches wide and 44 inches long.

      I used it to the mid twenties on my hike two weeks ago, though it feels
      better in the 30s than the twenties. In the twenties, it feels much
      better with a single layer of closed cell foam in additon to the feathers.

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