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  • Scott Schroeder
    Apr 25, 2006
      I'm sure it's been said many a time but I just returned from a two
      night stay in my hennessy. I took along a SPE just in case. I used two
      1/8" evasote (or whatever that stuff is) pads and just didn't like it.
      It seemed fine testing it out at home but sleeping in it was a
      different story. The first night I just slept without and it was about
      68 in the morning. I use a summer quilt and was fine but my toosh got
      a bit chilly. The next night I just used one of the 1/8" pads and it
      helped but I really hate sleeping on pads.
      So what do yall do when you need just a little bit of warmth below you
      (that's not a pad)? use a full sleeping bag and the compressed
      insulation is enough?
      muchas gracias
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