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  • ptoddf@aol.com
    Apr 25, 2006
      I looked into kite material a couple of years ago and was disappointed too.
      What I bought was unsuitable for any outdoor use, except maybe a ground cloth,
      and that's the one thing we don't need with hammocks!

      Important that hammock be breathable, to some extent, to allow body moisture
      to escape.
      The sail and kite materials I've seen don't do that, and shouldn't, given
      their purpose.
      I'd suggest you look at the material Ed is using for his hammock bodies. It
      seems like a very good choice, is proven, and is available in his kits. He'd
      probably mail you a swatch if you asked.

      I've made test hammocks using polyester and other odd lot materials from
      Walmart, and they worked OK. So it surely can be done. My preference is to use
      somewhat heavier material than the absolute minimum so I don't have to worry
      about it on long backpacks where a major rip would be a disaster. The rest of
      the rig, with rain pro, and bottom/top insulation is going to far outweigh
      the bare hammock anyway.

      Best, Todd in CC.

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