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1343Hammock Camping Re: Taco shell length vs. sil-poncho?!?!

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  • Ray Garlington
    May 10, 2003
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      > > of your hammock (kind of what Flyfisher is doing with his latest
      > > insulator) then you don't need the line along the edges. For that
      > > matter, I'm not sure those lines are absolutely neccessary. I
      think short lines from the corners would work. Rick? Ray?
      > > Gregg

      8.5' is just about right for either the speer hammock or the HH. 9'
      is not necessary (and now I think is a little long). Also not
      necessary are the draw strings along the long edges. I will be
      working on an update to the design to show something a little
      simpler. (basically a 5'x8.5' silnylon tarp with a drawstring at the
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