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13373Re: [Hammock Camping] heat ,light and chickens

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Apr 5, 2006
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      On 4/5/06, tim garner <slowhike@...> wrote:
      > ralph, ralph, ralph... how long did that person have to go to college to
      > learn to make up stuff like that? i`m not going to be sucker enough to
      > belive it :~} ...tim

      14 years for the BS in physics
      another 18 (and counting) for the masters in engineering

      Towards the end of the physics degree, things started getting metaphysical.
      Quantum mechanics, cosmology, "modern" physics, all have a little "you can't
      really see this but have faith it's really here" type of stuff.


      PS "Theory of Dark" matches observable phenomena!

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