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13366Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: heat ,light and chickens

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  • Scot Leibacher
    Apr 5, 2006

      I guess I don't know enough about all frequencies of light and how the human
      eye works, etc. to answer definitively. However, we were told it was total and utter
      darkness. The man-made light sources had been extinquished and no natural light
      sources were present. There was no way for light to reach into the cavern we
      were in except for sources located within the cavern. It was by far the darkest
      situation I have ever experienced.

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      Is that truely a zero light space though or just an undetectable
      amount to human eye?

      jamie in az

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      > Dunno if you need anything as exotic as a black hole for total
      darkness... I have
      > been down in a cave system before when the light sources were
      > and even after a 15 minute accustomization period, you could not
      see anything.
      > Even your hand held directly in front of your eyes was not visable
      in anyway.
      > A truly eerie sensation since we are usually used to some type of
      light source
      > in even the darkest conditions we normally encounter.


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