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13314Re: What,s the best underquilt for a Hennessy Hammock?

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  • jwj32542
    Apr 3, 2006
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      "Best" is different for everyone. There are two commercial ones -
      JRB and KAQ (both post here) - and both have advantages.

      JRBs are down, more compressible and lighter than the KAQ. They can
      also be worn as camp insulation so you may not need a jacket for
      unexpected cold evenings...could save you another 10-20 oz. But
      they're expensive. They used to come only in bright green, but now
      you can get some of them in black or orange.

      KAQs are synthetic and quite a bit cheaper than JRB's, but heavier
      and you can't wear them like a poncho/serape. But they're also
      bathtub shaped instead of the rectangle JRBs, and I think that makes
      it easier to get a good warm fit. Patrick has several color options
      to choose from, too.

      I sleep cold, and I can be comfortable to high 30s in my JRB Nest
      with a 2 oz overstuff. Based on my 36F night this past Saturday, I
      think I could be comfortable to about 30F in my standard KAQ Potomac.

      For DIY - Patrick has instructions on his page, and at one time he
      was talking about selling kits...dunno if he's added those yet.
      Otherwise, there's a pattern for a down underquilt at www.thru-
      hiker.com and a synthetic one at
      http://www.tothewoods.net/HomemadeGearKidsHammock.html (just change
      the dimensions).

      Hope this helps!

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