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13311SEHHA/trail fest

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  • tim garner
    Apr 2, 2006
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      i was just trying to get the two events strait...TRAIL DAYS
      (damascus, may 19-21) & TRAIL FEST (hot springs, april 22). and of
      course the next SEHHA camp-out is in hot springs,nc, the same week end
      of trail fest.
      i was looking at what appeared to be the official web site telling
      about trail fest & it didn`t tell a lot. i`m under the impression that
      it`s not nearly as big an event as trail days in damascus. just
      wondering what mite be expected in town that week end.
      but even if it`s not as big a deal as trail days, hot springs is a
      neat little mountian town to visit. and it would be good to see some
      other hammockers.
      ed... will yall make it back in time fot trail days in damascus?