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13309Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: A couple of theories

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  • Dawn Harkins
    Apr 1 11:41 AM
      --- Dave Womble <dpwomble@...> wrote:

      > In some ways, your enclosed pod could be compared to
      > a jacket...if you were to go outside today, which
      one of your jackets would you take? ...The point...is
      the environment is not simple, when we go outdoors we
      > have to adjust to our environment...

      This is very astute and a valuable observation for me,
      Dave--thanks. I'll be keeping it mind as I play with
      the many permutations of finding comfort in my

      My roommate just bought a new lighter-weight (~11 oz I
      think) Thermarest, and I was admiring it but telling
      him I wasn't getting one because I would mostly be

      He said, "but don't you need a pad anyway?" This
      elicited a flood of words from me--I started talking
      fast, trying to tell a non-hammocker of all the
      various conditions and solutions involved in
      hammocking, lol. For example, I got the Hennessey
      underthings and I'm going to be playing around with
      very thin added foam pads, always trying to stay warm
      enough while carrying light. Finally I just said,
      "it's complicated--it just depends."

      Keeps things interesting, doesn't it, when trying to
      backpack light but wanting to be at least
      semi-prepared for varying conditions. Sometimes, in
      hot dry summer conditions, I don't bring much of
      anything...I sort through my stuff as if stuff were
      the enemy (which it is, weight-wise): "don't need
      that, don't need this, don't need those..."

      Dawn in Tahoe, where it snowed another foot last night
      and I'm dreaming of spring

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