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13306Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock straps stretchhhhh problem on Pea Pod

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  • Ray
    Mar 31, 2006
      I just bought some Polypropylene webbing and sewed my own tree-huggers
      and had that same question.

      I found this info from Strapworks.com

      Looks like Polypropylene stretches the least, Polyester is in between
      and Nylon webbing stretches the most.


      Nylon webbing is not particularly good in applications around water.
      Nylon stretches when it gets wet, so a nylon strap will not stay tight
      in the rain or on a river trip.


      Polyester combines many of the benefits of both polypro and nylon
      without some of the negatives. It has a 3500lb breaking strength, low
      water absorption, rot and mildew resistance, and has 5 times the
      abrasion resistance of polypro with a softer feel. (not as soft as


      Heavyweight polypro webbing is our most popular webbing, by far. It
      has low stretch, especially when wet, good strength ratio (900 lb.
      test), and is available in lots of great colors.

      Hope this helps.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > I find that it is not so much the stretch of the straps as the stretch
      > of the hammock that can lead to problems like this. The solution is to
      > have some extra stretch space under you when you go to bed...
      > Rick
      > ghman777 wrote:
      > > Got my Pea Pod fastened to my hammock hanging straps. I get my Pod
      > > snugged just right under me by sliding the Pea Pod end strings up my
      > > hammock support straps with a special knot that stays tight after
      > > sliding it. But during the night my hammock hanging straps keep
      > > stretching under my weight which compresses the bottom insulation of
      > > the Pea Pod making my bottom end cold. Get out- readjust the Pod, hop
      > > in... 2 hrs later.. get out.. readjust.. argggg. Surprisingly, the
      > > strings dont move equally with the stretch of the hammock straps. Is
      > > there a 'no stretch' strap or rope out there anywhere?
      > >
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