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13294Re: [Hammock Camping] masked invaders visit my hammock

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  • David Wills
    Mar 29, 2006
      > Great raccoon stories guys! Thanks!
      > Tim, you are the second person I have heard referring to raccoons as
      > mini-bears. Risk refers to the bears as large raccons...<g>... I had
      > never thought of them as "cousins"; but, that's a great analogy.
      > I have never had problems with raccoons getting into my pack; but the
      > %#$^% mice...! That's another story!
      > Happy Trails,
      > J.D.

      You could always go wild turkey on them and pour boiling water down
      their mouse holes beating them with hiking poles on their way out of
      the shelter... PETA would have a fit, but it would be some good eating.

      David with no trailname
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