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13289Re: [Hammock Camping] masked invaders visit my hammock

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  • tim garner
    Mar 29, 2006
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      actualy JD, i`ve often refered to both racoons & mice as "minibears" when explaining to folks why it`s important to hang your food (or secure it in some way). we call it a "bear bag"' but in most often in nc, it`s more for the minibears than the full size ones :~}
      hey, rick talking about bears & racoons reminds me of a night in a shelter (standing indian) when a guy w/ me dreamed about a racoon climbing on the rafter above him.
      it fell w/ a THUD between us & when he tryed to push it away, it wouldn`t budge! it was then that he realized it was actualy a BEAR!!! he woke up calling "TIM...TIM..."

      "J.D. Hoessle" <JD@...> wrote:
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, tim garner <slowhike@...> wrote:
      > the guy w/ me was amased that the coon was strong enough to drag a
      > pack, even though it was near empty. i told him that was no problem
      > for a coon. now he understands why i sometimes refer to them as
      > mini-bears.

      Great raccoon stories guys! Thanks!

      Tim, you are the second person I have heard referring to raccoons as
      mini-bears. Risk refers to the bears as large raccons...<g>... I had
      never thought of them as "cousins"; but, that's a great analogy.

      I have never had problems with raccoons getting into my pack; but the
      %#$^% mice...! That's another story!

      Happy Trails,



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      tim garner

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