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13225south mt state park, nc

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  • tim garner
    Feb 23, 1942
      a friend & i just got back from a night at south mt. he used my 1st
      winter hammock & i used the 2nd winter hammock. each winter hammock w/
      insulated top cover attached (which makes it somewhat like a speer
      hammock w/ pea pod ...but probably not as well insulated) weigh about
      4 lbs ea w/ straps.
      it got down to 27 degrees f, w/ breezes around 3-5 mph.
      i got overheated, but i was wearing qite a few layers, laying on an
      expead DAM, & under a ray way quilt.
      but, before i got warm, i had to hold a bottle of hot water
      between my cold toes. MAN... that works great!
      i could hardly take time to eat lunch after we set-up. we had a
      couple other guys (from two near-by camp sites) come by to check out
      the hammocks & ask questions. i`m not complaining. i love my hammock
      & i think it`s great when others are interrested enough to ask lots of
      questions & take pictures.
      they where good folks & one took time to bring over a note pad &
      pen to write down the web sites i had been telling them about.
      of course i told about hammockcampres@yahoogroups.com & the speer
      hammock site w/ it`s links, but i also gave him imrisk & tothewoods. i
      hope i got that right. if not, i told him those links (& lots more)
      could be found on ed`s site.
      i told him about the camp-outs at hot spring (next one in april).
      i also told him ed is a real nice guy & glad to help someone learn
      about hammocks. hope i`m not going to get into trouble for telling
      i carryed out an old abandoned army duffle bag full of trash (most
      of which was an abandoned, cheap sleeping bag), & had an opportunity
      to talk w/ two of the rangers about hammock camping. they didn`t seem
      to know a lot about it, but listened w/ intrrest as i explained how
      talk groups & sellers of hammocks are trying to educate people about
      the proper, low impact, use of hammocks. they said they have no
      problem w/ people using hammocks at south mountian state park.
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