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13203Re: forgotten intro? Now Packgoats

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  • tanpuma
    Mar 25, 2006
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      > No experience; but, I understand they can carry 40-50 pounds, forage
      > for their own food along the way, and are as easily trained and
      > faithful as my SkyDog. Probably better....

      Is SkyDog a goat?

      Well I haven't goat packed but I have been thinking they would be
      ideal for me since I get around pretty well still but I can't carry
      much for long distances(12 miles +). Goats are cheaper than a nice
      down bag up here. If I can just convince my landlord that they are
      only wildlife;)
      THe best scenario is someone loans me a goat for "training"
      purposes for my longer hike.
      I understand they make good lawnmowers and milk too.

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