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13196Re: [Hammock Camping] ENO Hammock Reviews?

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  • tim garner
    Mar 24, 2006
      i love my EN double. they list it at 22 ozs on there web site, but i`ve made a few modifications to mine.
      first i did away w/ the binners that came w/ it. one began to bend.
      i also added velcro down each side. this can be used to attach bug net, or under quilt. i also added snake skins.
      i don`t recall the weight as it is now, but i suspect it`s not much differant than before. but to weigh it, i`d have to go into my bed room, take the quilt, pillow, & air mat out. i`ve been sleeping in a hammock (mostly the ENO) for about a year now.
      one thing i like about the ENO hammock is the fabric. someone recently was asking here if anyone knew of a source for that type fabric. if anyone finds it, i`d like to know. ...tim

      Ray <raydiaz8@...> wrote:

      Does anyone have any info on this setup?

      I like the fact that the bug-net is completely separate from the
      hammock. -- If you remove it you're left with a regular old hammock...



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      tim garner

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