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13179forgotten intro?

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  • tanpuma
    Mar 23 6:54 PM
      I thought I had introduced myself last year when I joined your
      group. Then again maybe I forgot to, memory problems .
      I am Liam, hailing from Balto/washington area, done a bit a trail
      work in the area. Hammocking since 5/2005, backpack since 1996 or so.
      Relocated to Ohio away from the beloved Appalachians for grad school.
      Equipment is a ragtag collection of home made, sale items and
      scrounging. Planning a through Hike of the Tuscarora, but with
      increasing gimpyness may have to section it. I have hiked some small
      sections of the AT in VA MD and PA. I have planned to thru hike the AT
      also maybe in 2011.
      Ideal hiking companion: my dog, and perhaps a pack goat or Llama to
      carry our stuff.
      Standing in Gander Mountain last year I spotted a little blue hammock.
      Price: $9.95 on sale, snatched it up ( I don't usually buy luxury
      items). It was a Byer amazonas plain hammock, no net, no tarp.
      I had been looking at that hammock for a year or so and finally it
      went on sale. This began the descent into our hammock world.
      Current project a new hammock with integral bugnet, still in the
      planning stages (selecting fabric).