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1314Re: Taco shell length vs. sil-poncho?!?!

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  • Rick
    May 9, 2003
      How to use a poncho as an insulator: Notes from Dayton...

      My experience is that you need a way to gather the ends... This
      generally is a drawcord in a hem... I have worked out a way to tuck
      the plastic stopper in the hem without losing it.

      Then you need to find a way to hold the edges of the poncho against
      the hammock so wind does not get in. I presently feel that some
      method of connecting the snaps of a poncho to the edge of the hammock
      is best. If you have velcro along the edge of the hammock, then a
      piece of velcro attached to a snap (matching the snap on the poncho)
      should work. If you do not have velcro (like with the HH) then it is
      a bit more problematic... you will probably need to either attach a
      snap or a piece of velcro to the edge of the hammock. Sewing the
      velcro would do less damage than putting a snap in the fabric and
      would probably last longer.

      Alternatively, using the original drawstring along the edge like Ray
      shows in his photos would work pretty well, until the winds kick up
      to above 10-15 mph.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Gregg Spoering <gspoerin@s...>
      > Both Campmor and ID make Silnylon extention ponchos that are 104"
      > for wearing over a pack. If the poncho has a folded over seam down
      > sides, perhaps a line could be snaked through. Better yet, Make
      your own
      > poncho and customize it however you want (Sgt Rock has a design on
      > site), or possibly you could add velcro to a long poncho and the
      > of your hammock (kind of what Flyfisher is doing with his latest
      > insulator) then you don't need the line along the edges. For that
      > matter, I'm not sure those lines are absolutely neccessary. I think
      > short lines from the corners would work. Rick? Ray?
      > Gregg
      > Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 02:20:01 -0000
      > From: "tburnettcis" <tburnettcis@y...>
      > I own a HH UL and am thinking about making a Garlington Taco. While
      > searching for shell material, I thought about the various Sil-
      > available. Such as...
      > http://www.integraldesigns.com/bspo.htm
      > http://www.campmor.com/webapp/commerce/command/ProductDisplay?
      > prmenbr=226&prrfnbr=9996340
      > However, these are a bit sorter (7'-8') than the 9' recomended.
      > with the ponchos it would be a bit difficult to run a line down the
      > long edges. So, the long sides of the taco would probably only be
      > supported by an eyelet, or three.
      > Would this work? Or do I really need a 9' shell in order to get a
      > good seal? How important is having full length support along the
      > long edges?
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