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13089Re: A couple of theories

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  • jwj32542
    Mar 19, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Paul V." <cruisenewsnet@...>
      > The first is that hammock characteristics based on length and width
      > are proportional to the body height of the person using the

      Most people agree that bigger hammocks are more comfortable because
      they let you lie flatter, so then the question becomes one of
      utility - at what point does weight/bulk cause you to limit the size
      for a backpacking hammock?

      Sounds like the theory will work...just seems to complicate the
      general rule of adding 2' to the user's heights when, for most
      hammocks, the difference will be only a few inches (and based
      entirely on personal preference).

      > The second is a method of making a hammock system that is easy to
      > break down.

      Sounds like this could be very useful. Some company makes "slap
      straps" that are nylon straps with loops sewn every foot or so, and
      to set up you just wrap it around the tree and connect to whichever
      loop gives you the right hang. With your toggle and some really
      light spectra, you could tie knots every foot or so and do the same
      thing. This would really speed setup and takedown, and would
      probably add only an ounce or so.

      > I would like to hear any comments from those who are interested in
      > this stuff.

      I like the design engineering approach some of you guys use! You,
      Dave, Pan, etc.

      On a webpage note, I like to link to the original post when I quote
      something on my pages - that way readers can click on the link and
      get the full context of the quote, including comments from others
      and a full discussion of the issue. It also helps when I get a new
      idea and want to go back to the original thread and see if anything
      else in that thread would help. I thought about this when I saw
      your quote from Joe - just a thought. Works for me...YMMV. :)

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