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13085A couple of theories

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  • Paul V.
    Mar 18, 2006
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      I have posted a couple of hammock theories on my webpage and would
      appreciate any comments.

      The first is that hammock characteristics based on length and width
      are proportional to the body height of the person using the hammock.
      If the theory is correct, then I can test different hammock sizes and
      report the results based on hammock sizes as a proportion of my body
      height, and any reader can use his own body height and get a
      meaningful result by calculating hammock sizes.

      The second is a method of making a hammock system that is easy to
      break down. It uses a hem and an accordian bundle at the end of the
      hammock, then a line is wrapped and knotted around the hammock end.
      On the tree side, a webbing tree hugger wraps the tree and a toggle is
      attached to the end of the tree hugger. A slip bowline is tied to the
      end of the hammock support line and put over the toggle.

      A better description is here:


      I would like to hear any comments from those who are interested in
      this stuff.
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