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13031Re: zhammock and silk?

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  • rollerblaz123
    Mar 11, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "kbwaddy" <kbwaddy@...> wrote:
      > i'm confused, are you talking about real silk? is that expensive? and
      > about the 5mm 8mm 10mm, thats not the thickness of the fabric? please
      > clarify.

      hey sorry about my lack of discription... i just get bummed out with
      failed prototypes... yeah i learned about silk from Bill Fornshell over
      at backpackinglight.com. the 5mm 6mm and 10mm are listed as weights,
      and Bill worked out a conversion factor of 1 mm = 3.62 grams. its
      actually pretty cheap... sometimes cheaper then nylon, and feels very
      nice against the skin. im dying some 8mm habotai right now... so we
      will see how it comes out (that white gets dirty fast :( )
      is Bill F a member here?

      p.s. www.Thaisilks.com www.dharmatrading.com these are 2 sources i
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