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13017Re: [Hammock Camping] Gearskin-Hammock-combo?

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  • tim garner
    Mar 9 7:02 PM
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      dane... sounds like it has great possibilitys. one thing that comes to mind is that any sewing that`s done to the hammock (other than the hemed edeges), could cause weak spots as your body weight strechs the fabric. rick sewed across his warm hammock w/o problems, but he was just loosely attaching a layer of insulation w/ light weight shell. no real stress was added to the hammock from that addition.
      but shoulder straps would certianly pull on the fabric when being worn on the trail, stresing the fabric that needs to suport you...even w/ a very light load. but mabey you could concider a double hammock. that way, the user could lay on an undisturbed top layer, while the shoulder straps, etc, would be attached to the non load bearing bottom layer. just a thought or two. ...tim

      danefliedner <danefliedner@...> wrote:
      I have been playing around with the idea of making a gearskin-hammock
      combo... ie make a homemade hammock, and then sew onto the bottom side
      some shoulder straps/hippad (maybe similar to the G4 GVP design with
      empty spaces to put socks etc for padding). Fold/roll in the hammock
      in half similar to the gearskin concept, then though it would be neat
      to use treehugger/webbing straps as the side lashings (ie maybe sew
      some ladderloops as attachment points, and recycle the webbing and
      maybe spectra cordage as additional lashing on the back section when
      in backpack mode)Thought this design may help offset some of the
      additional weight penalty of hammocking and really multi-function all
      the hammock components. Combine this with a tarp/rainponcho combo and
      seems like it could really add up to some serious weight savings! Has
      anyone of the "oldtimers" :) tried this already? Or do people not
      really use this because it would not work with snakeskins?

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