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13000Re: [Hammock Camping] Snake Skins

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  • danefliedner
    Mar 9, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Joe Federici <joefederici@...>
      > You could size up the snake skins to compensate for extra space
      > depending on what size hammock your starting with. The Skins I think
      > come in 4 sizes so if your hammock uses size 2 you could buy size 4.

      >>>I recently bought a JRB Nest and weather shield and needed bigger
      snakeskins-- I put my size 2 skins on my JRB tarp (a little big, but
      already had 'em) and I made (my first sewing project) some python
      skins based on "Just Jeffs" design under his homemade gear link-- they
      swallow the HH UL backpacker (without tarp), my Nest and weather
      shield-- I made mine a little bigger to be able to accomodate all 3
      pieces when needed. Came out pretty good, too, considering I'd never
      touched a sewing machine before! You should try it. Pretty easy, and
      way cheaper than $20 for the HH skins (although HH skins look nicer
      than mine, hey, it works)...And yes, they are a very cool idea, and
      well worth it. Dane
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