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12990Re: Hammock sleeping pad

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  • Steve
    Mar 8, 2006
      I use a BA Insulated Air Core for the same reasons as Fuzzy. And I
      use it with a BA Zirkel, the pad sleeve keeps it from ever getting
      out from under me! Folded over 3x it works as back padding in the
      sleeve of my GVP 4 pack, and barrel shaped and slightly inflated it
      made a good frame for my Golite Gust pack.


      > I use a BA Insulated Air Core for a number of reasons:
      > 1) I already have one.
      > 2) It is rated to 15°F, and I have successfully taken it down to
      > low 20°s - in a hammock - with no wind.
      > 3) It makes the ground bearable for my aging bones and arthritis
      when I
      > need to go to ground.
      > 4) It weighs under a pound (72" Mummy version).
      > 5) Its 70 dernier fabric is plenty sturdy for the way I treat my
      > Downside - I can't readily use it as a frame for frameless packs.
      > Fuzzy
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