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12970Re: zhammock and silk?

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  • Ray Garlington
    Mar 7, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "rollerblaz123"
      > ... during sewing, the
      > fabric also seemed to bunch up and get pulled to the middle a bit,
      > were using a zig-zag stich, with a somewhat wide setting, and
      an '11'
      > singer sewing needle (i think..)

      I had good luck with a straight stitch (about 1.5mm long, and didn't
      get any bunching

      > lets say an 8mm combine with a 5mm? or would it be wiser to just
      > combine 2 layers of the same thicknesses?

      I'd consider the 5mm silk "experimental" as far as the hammock body is
      concerned. For a 2 layer hammock, you might consider something like
      the 8mm (or 10mm) silk for the body, and a thin dwr nylon for the
      outer shell.
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