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12969zhammock and silk?

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  • rollerblaz123
    Mar 6, 2006
      hello everyone, i just got done from my grandma's house, after sewing
      some of my 5mm silk, the fabric can hold my weight in a standard speer
      type hammock (I weigh 140), but when it is sewed, the holes seemed to
      get larger and larger the more i tugged on them. during sewing, the
      fabric also seemed to bunch up and get pulled to the middle a bit, we
      were using a zig-zag stich, with a somewhat wide setting, and an '11'
      singer sewing needle (i think..) does anyone have any sewing
      recomendations when sewing silk? do you think it would be wiser to use
      lets say an 8mm combine with a 5mm? or would it be wiser to just
      combine 2 layers of the same thicknesses?
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