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12966Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock sleeping pad

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  • tim garner
    Mar 6, 2006
      i love the inflatables w/ insulation, like the BA insulated air core & the expead down air mat (DAM). i sleep every night in a hammock in my BR w/ the BA. that type mattress (only partly inflated) supports every contor of the body, making my hammock an even more wonderful place to lay, no matter if i`m home or on the trail. my only concern is that several people (including myself) have had problems w/ slow leaks. BA replaced my slow-leak pad w/ a new one last fall. the new one has done fine untill the last couple weeks. it`s got another slow leak. i haven`t taken the time yet to put it into the tub w/ water to see where the leak is. i hope it`s in a place i can sucessfuly patch & not on a seam. bottom line is that the inflatables are luxurious to sleep on, but if they where to develope a leak that would leave you flat before morning, you wouldn`t have insulation underneath. of course most of the leaks i`ve expereanced or heard of where slow leaks that wern`t of any real
      problem for getting through one nights sleep. i`m sure others here will add thier expereance. ...tim PS...i love mine so much that i`m concidering carying a trimed down CCF pad to go under it as insureance.

      archidaveture <archidaveture@...> wrote: What is the general opinion on sleeping pads (type)? I will be hiking
      the AT from WV to Main starting in May. I am considering a Big Agnes
      pad 2.5 inch version, only because I want a thick pad ...IF... I can't
      find a spot to hang my hammock and have to sleep on the ground. Is
      that a possibility on parts of the AT north from WV?
      Inflatable vs. foam type?? Also, weight is always a concern. I have
      never needed a sleeping pad (live in South Florida) some advise
      REQUIRED………..comfort………weight………no BS………..


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      tim garner

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