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12963Re: Hammock sleeping pad

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  • Coy
    Mar 5, 2006
      Most any kind of air mattress is nice when you have to go to the
      ground/shelter floor but....your biggest concern with any pad in the
      hammock will be width. The BA Air Core is only 20 inches wide but I
      have heard several say they work well when used with BA bags.
      However, I dont think the same setup would work for me. I have pretty
      broad shoulders and when my shoulders get next to the sides of my
      hammock they get cold. The BA Air Core in a Speere SPE would probably
      work (I would need to bring some strips of CCF for the wings). I
      slept last night using a self inflating pad I just got. it is a
      SlumberJack Family Camper modle (72x25x1.5) = 3 lb 2 oz. Probably a
      little heavier than what your are looking for though. It works great
      for me down to around freezing (havent tried it in really cold weather
      yet) If money is no problem then the DAM from Stevensons would be
      great. Or the slimer Exped DAM using the SPE for the side wings. I
      guess what I'm trying to say is, the pad needs to offer some
      protection for your shoulders in a hammock so keep that in mind as you
      make your decision.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "archidaveture"
      <archidaveture@...> wrote:
      > What is the general opinion on sleeping pads (type)? I will be hiking
      > the AT from WV to Main starting in May. I am considering a Big Agnes
      > pad 2.5 inch version, only because I want a thick pad ...IF... I
      > find a spot to hang my hammock and have to sleep on the ground. Is
      > that a possibility on parts of the AT north from WV?
      > Inflatable vs. foam type?? Also, weight is always a concern. I have
      > never needed a sleeping pad (live in South Florida) some advise
      > REQUIRED………..comfort………weight………no BS………..
      > Thanks
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