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  • blqysmg
    May 5, 2003
      I just got back from a camping trip to St Augustine, Fl. We were in
      the most beautiful tropical jungle, surrounded by pine, live oak, and
      tons of ground cover.

      While my wife was setting up the inside of the camper, I was busy
      selecting trees for the hammock. I had my tree-hugger straps out,
      and had the hammock slung over my shoulders when the ranger came by.

      The first thing he said to me was not, "welcome to Florida," but "You
      are not allowed to attach anything to any of the trees." They have
      effectively banned setting up hammocks.

      I was disappointed, since I'd just found the perfect pair of trees,
      but I wasn't stopped completely. I'd brought bamboo supports with
      me, so I used them instead of the trees. If everyone went to non-
      destructive tree-huggers, they might lift the ban.

      I used to do a lot of caving, and made most of my own climbing gear.
      We used to buy two inch poly webbing that was rated at around 6000
      lbs breaking strength. (Basically seat belt material) We also would
      get three inch webbing every once in a while. We would use it for leg
      loops, which are much more comfortable than two inch loops, and also
      for tree-huggers.

      A properly sewn three inch wide, three foot long strap, with loops at
      each end would be secure, and incredibly strong. You can also find
      three inch wide cargo and two strap webbing that's rated 20,000 lbs,
      with basically no streach at our level of use.

      David Chamness
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