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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Feb 28, 2006
      Well, I had promised to report back after my winter hike about
      "testing" all of the VB ideas using trash bags. But, I didn't "get
      around to" that - Sorry!

      A somewhat uncomfortable night on the Shelter floor... No, I didn't
      hang - long story... Perhaps of some interest:

      Temps in the lower 20's - maybe into the teens.
      "Comfort" was OK because I was on my Exped Down Air Mattress 7 (long).

      Upper body warmth was OK just using my GoLite Arctic parka as a
      blanket over me - wearing polypro upper + Outlast + pertex windshirt.
      Parka did keep sliding off. In my hammock, it wraps around and
      doesn't go anywhere.

      My feet were cold; so, I threw a chemical hand warmer in the bottom of
      Ed's Frogsac along with the wet Smartwool sox I had been wearing.
      That worked quite well! Feet were toasty all night and my sox were
      dry in the AM. Liked that trick!

      Where my parka over-lapped the Frogsac (knees to waist), I was wet.
      Too much insulation there... I was wearing polypro long johns and Rail
      Rider pants.

      VERY scary wild life noise just after dark! Started as an
      Owl-sounding hoot turning to wolf-like howl and then dog-like "woofs".
      Found out afterwards that it is coyote mating season; so, perhaps....?

      Camping in SoCal out West (yip! yip! yip!), I have heard many coyotes;
      but, nothing like this! Perhaps, Mr. Coyote has developed an Eastern

      Happy Trails,