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12927Another Granger Xtreme Hunt is in the Bag!

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    Feb 26, 2006
      Location: Granger Lake WMA, 6 miles North of Taylor, Texas on the San
      Gabriel River. Elevation 500 ft, River bottoms.
      Weather: Lows in the low 40's High's in the mid 60's, rainy, wind 10-
      15 MPH NW
      Activity: Base Camp style hunting and fishing.

      As I fine tune my hammock camping skills and equipmentI find I look
      forward to my Granger excursions more and more. Not just because I
      get to use new stuff I've built but really because I get to see how
      far just a little knoweledge goes. And not just hammocks, but really

      First the hunt. A Granger Xtreme hunt means no food can be brought
      into camp. We must eat what we kill, catch or forage. While wild
      feral swine is the ultimate goal, we rely pretty heavily on the white
      bass in the river to feed us. That is why we have it around the last
      part of Feb and beginning of March, when the whites really get into
      the river.

      When I arrived I picked up two newbies at the launch, HogHunter and
      Dustin. I shuttled gear to the Primative Camp site up the river.
      Wildman was already there with Bloodhound. They were tying up a trot
      line to try and catch some breakfast for Sat morning.

      Once all the gear and people were at PC we started setting up. The
      newbies showed up with some tent fabric. It wasn't really a tent
      because they had no poles, stakes or rain fly. They were talking
      about just sleeping cowboy style or using the tent bivy style. I
      mentioned to them that the forecast was for rain all night and rain
      all the next day. I suggested they go to town and buy a cheapo tent
      just for this hunt. They said they could do okay with what they had.
      It started raining about midnight, at 9 AM on Sat morning they went
      to Wal-Mart to buy a new tent and to the laundrymat to dry thier

      Bloodhound's tent was seeping through the tafetta floor somehow.I had
      never seen a floor seep like that. He said he would send it back as
      it is only a few months old and he bought it from Cabela's. But it
      was a small area, about the size of a backpack, and it was manageable

      Wildman has "That 70's Tent", literally. It is a huge two room tent,
      one screened and one regular. Both big enough to stand in. It leaked
      as well, however, he knew it leaked and was ready with a tarp for a
      fly. We put the tarp on after the morning hunt on Sat. So after we
      got back from fishing we dried his tent out and all was well.

      Now Cole and I were the only two hammockers. This is Cole's third
      trip with me to Granger, he is 14 and becoming a pretty good
      outdoorsman. Cole sleeps in my Hennessy Exped. Asym. with the stock
      fly. with a smaller tarp pitched flying diamond to store gear under.
      Saturday during the windy part of the storm the HH got a little damp
      at the foot end, not dripping wet or anything, just a little blow-by
      is all.

      My homebrew Speer style with my new 10 X 10 tarp was bomb proof.
      Saturday while the storm raged (only about an hour was really bad)
      everyone was under my tarp drinking cofee! All of my homebrew gear
      performed perfectly. I had a very small leak in the tarp, I missed a
      needle hole I guess, about one drip every five minutes during the
      worst of the storm.

      Every time I use my hammock I am more impressed with the performance,
      especially when I wake up in the morning. :) And especially when
      compared to what everyone else uses. You have to keep in mind these
      are basically car campers with Wal-Mart type gear, not the average
      backpacker. What I call fair weather campers. However, my gear is
      generally less expensive but WAY out performes anything they have.
      Which just goes to show that it isn't just the gear but the
      knoweledge on how to use it that goes a long way.

      The hunt was a raging success for the most part. even tho no hogs
      were taken we cought planty of fish so we didn't go hungry, no one
      got hypothermic and I didn't sink my boat.

      I didn't take any new gear to test on this trip. I guess my set up is
      pretty much how I like it right now. Especially heading into the
      summer months.

      Pictures can be seen on this thread at Texasbowhunter.com


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