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12921Re: Hammock camping experiments

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  • Coy
    Feb 25, 2006
      Hi Paul

      I think there is more going on than just sweat. A thicker pad might
      be the solution. I have observed that when I dont have enough pad I
      get no condensation. When I had bearly enough pad I got quite a bit.
      When I had plenty of pad I didn not get any. Ive thougth about it
      some and the only resonable explination I can come up with is a glass
      of tea sitting on the counter. In a well insulated glass you wont see
      any moisture on the outside. With a poorly insulated glass it gets
      soaked. Now in a hommack you are the warm outside air and the bottom
      of the hammock is the inside of the glass of ice tea. Moistur will
      try to build up on the warm side. But with a thick enough pad this
      goes away. Dont know if this is whats happening but pads were used for
      the past decaded or so on the ground and you seldom heard all the talk
      about moisture problems. Strange it crops up a lot more with
      hammocks. Some is real, some may even be preception from all the talk.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Paul V." <cruisenewsnet@...>
      > Hello - I haven't posted here for a while but I have been doing some
      > hammock experiments, and am trying to work out a cool weather
      > (30F-50F) hammocking system.
      > Based on a couple of overnights, I'm at the point of thinking that
      > closed cell pads are not the way to go in cool weather due to
      > condensation issues, and I'm hoping that the underquilt that I ordered
      > will improve things a bit. I am also working on a Risk pod to use as
      > a windbreaker.
      > I really like the clothing combination:
      > (windbreaker - fleece - wicking undershirt)
      > and I'm trying to imagine a similar combination for a hammock:
      > (windbreaker pod - down or synthetic underquilt/topquilt - polypro
      > longjohns)
      > The goal here is comfort and I think this combination offers the best
      > way of getting a lightweight comfortable cool weather system.
      > I have been putting some thoughts and campout notes on a webpage,
      > mainly so I can escape to the woods when sitting at my work desk
      > cubical. I'm ready to go out and try again, but I'm patiently
      > waiting on my underquilt.
      > skylark
      > http://cruisenews.net/backpacking
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