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12913Re: Just Tested Risk's Test Hammock

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  • jwj32542
    Feb 23, 2006
      Or check climbing shops. You don't need the strength of the flat
      tubular kind, but it'll work if that's all they have. Plus, it's
      multi-use as a climbing harness if you know how to tie one!

      Hrm...or go to a junkyard and cut the seatbelts out of a car. We used
      to use those as climbing harnesses (yes, I was a redneck).

      Or get the yellow poly-braid rope that Youngblood uses. It's common
      enough that many hardware stores, and probably some Walmarts, should
      carry it. Just look for a working load around 600 lbs.

      And don't feel bad about breaking a support. I broke some cheap rope
      once, and some 550 cord another time. Only one of them hurt...of
      course, I didn't fall on my bum in a public park, either! :p

      Now I use Spectra from a kitesurfing shop or polypro straps from Ed's
      website ( www.speerhammocks.com ).
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