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12910Just Tested Risk's Test Hammock

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  • sebastiantoney
    Feb 23, 2006
      I bought some fabric from the Cheap-Mart $1.00 bin. But I couldn't
      find any polypropylene webbings. I went to another fabric shop and all
      I could find were 1 inch cotton straps.

      I put the test hammock together in a few minutes and went down to the
      park to test it out. I hung it low to the ground so if it broke I
      wouldn't break my tail bone. I sat down slowly adding weight to the
      thing. Snap! It broke. It was the el cheapo cotton straps. I'll have
      to order some 1.5 inch poly stuff later.

      But I put about 3/4 of my weight into the hammock before the strapping
      snapped. I liked the way it felt I wish it would have held my weight
      because the sun was doing down right there along the river. It would
      have been a nice way to spend the dusk.

      Any I'm sold. I'm probably buy some poly webbing to fully test it,
      'cause you can't beat nine bucks for a hammock.
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