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1291Re: Hammock Camping Re: Taco shell length vs. sil-poncho?!?!

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  • Tony Burnett
    May 5, 2003
      I was just looking at the Equinox
      (http://www.equinoxltd.com/Cart/description.php?II=2004) "Extension"
      version (58"x104") during my lunch break at Galyan's. It does indeed
      have a fold along the edges, that I think (with a bit of luck and
      patience) I could run a cord through.

      What about the length? At 8'8" that is only 4" short of the 9'
      mentioned on the "official Garlington Taco" site.

      --- Gregg Spoering <gspoerin@...> wrote:
      > Both Campmor and ID make Silnylon extention ponchos that are 104"
      > long
      > for wearing over a pack. If the poncho has a folded over seam down
      > the
      > sides, perhaps a line could be snaked through. Better yet, Make
      > your own
      > poncho and customize it however you want (Sgt Rock has a design on
      > his
      > site), or possibly you could add velcro to a long poncho and the
      > outside
      > of your hammock (kind of what Flyfisher is doing with his latest
      > insulator) then you don't need the line along the edges. For that
      > matter, I'm not sure those lines are absolutely neccessary. I think
      > short lines from the corners would work. Rick? Ray?
      > Gregg
      > Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 02:20:01 -0000
      > From: "tburnettcis" <tburnettcis@...>
      > I own a HH UL and am thinking about making a Garlington Taco.
      > While
      > searching for shell material, I thought about the various
      > Sil-ponchos
      > available. Such as...
      > http://www.integraldesigns.com/bspo.htm
      > http://www.campmor.com/webapp/commerce/command/ProductDisplay?
      > prmenbr=226&prrfnbr=9996340
      > However, these are a bit sorter (7'-8') than the 9' recomended.
      > And,
      > with the ponchos it would be a bit difficult to run a line down the
      > long edges. So, the long sides of the taco would probably only be
      > supported by an eyelet, or three.
      > Would this work? Or do I really need a 9' shell in order to get a
      > good seal? How important is having full length support along the
      > long edges?

      Columbus, OH

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