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12859Re: [Hammock Camping] Newbie Question

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  • jonas4321
    Feb 19, 2006
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      > www.iamrisk.com is the one i can think of right away.

      Great advice, but a typo might be problematic.

      Risk's website is www.imrisk.com.

      Personally, I believe that if you shop for the right materials and get
      them on sale, you'll save a bundle making a Speer-type hammock.
      However, if you want to save every ounce you can and that is more
      important than making do with well-priced fabrics, you can spend more
      than a pre-made one costs. The cost of your bugnet material needs to
      be factored in too.

      As with any hobby, it depends on your goals and your aversions.
      Neither way is right ow wrong, but one answer does not fit all.

      Have fun exploring, however! That is a joy to most anyone with a
      hobby, I imagine.
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