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  • Gregg Spoering
    May 4, 2003
      I just returned from Gettysburg last week, and the rules there are very specific as far as tying anything to trees. No hammocks, tent lines, guy lines, etc. I imagine that any historic area will be very restrictive.

      > In fact, so much tree damage has been done by these hammocks in the
      > past, that some government parks, preserves and campgrounds already
      > prohibit the hanging of any hammock from trees.

      I completely buy your argument.  It makes sense.

      It does raise a couple questions:

      - what parks already prohibit?  I want to stay away from or not be
      obvious there.  Certainly showing a ranger at that park that I am
      doing no-impact camping by using a hammock would be a bad idea!

      - What evidence exists at present to show that hammocks using ropes
      have harmed trees (not the lawn hammocks which are left up for
      months, but even frequent hanging of camping hammocks

      - What evidence already exists to show that straps (either strap
      hanging of the hammock or tree huggers) eliminate the damage

      - What kind of study can we do to show and publish and use to
      persuade officials to allow hammock hanging of appropriate hammocks?


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