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12743Re: [Hammock Camping] Keeping dry

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  • David Wills
    Feb 8, 2006
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      I don't quite understand the need to keep the hammock dry. I have
      been in a few rain storms in the past couple months with no drip lines
      at all, much less functional systems, and my hammock predictably gets
      wet for about 2 feet on each end. It has never even been a nuisance
      though. I didn't even know it was wet until I put it up, and this was
      after an 8 hour pounding. I use synthetic insulation, but it doesn't
      get wet. Has anyone actually had noticable problems with water coming
      in from the hanging lines, or is it just something that seems like it
      needs to be taken care of? I could see how waterproof fabrics could
      be a problem wit hstanding water, but uncoated nylons and silks don't
      seem like they would be a noticable problem.
      -David with no trailname
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