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  • Ed Speer
    May 2 7:38 AM
      As you've probably guessed Sean, there are many different webbing straps available--I recommend only +600 lb test low-memory stretch 1" wide polypro or no-stretch 1" wide polyester webbing. These can be difficult to find at retail suppliers--they can be mail ordered from numerous suppliers (see list in book). I also sell cut lengths of these webbings--contact me off list if interested at info@...
      We attach the webbing by sewing 6" loops on the end using 3 or more bar tacks--the hammock end knot is passed thru this loop before sdewing the bar tacks in the webbing. Again there are illustrations and instructions in my book.
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      On Fri, 2 May 2003, Ed Speer wrote:

      > Many recreational hammocks come with round rope that causes a lot of
      > damage. Even the polypro ropes common on many hammocks can be a problem.
      > In fact, so much tree damage has been done by these hammocks in the
      > past, that some government parks, preserves and campgrounds already
      > prohibit the hanging of any hammock from trees. These restrictions will
      > become more widespread if we hammock hangers don't go the extra mile to
      > protect trees. Suitable, wide flat webbing is the solution...Ed

      I see...I thought you were talking about the type of mesh webbing you
      would see used for laundry bags.

      Would material used for pack straps work? How do you sew the loops on the
      ends so that they're strong enough to support the weight of the hammock?

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