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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Feb 5, 2006
      John, Michael, other Hennessy users-

      Are you actually having water seep in from the hammock ends, or are you looking at preventative measures?

      The only Hennessy with which I had water issues from the ends was the prototype Safari. It had sewn in seat belt webbing for support ropes. I added a drip line to one end and merely seam sealed the other (not with silicone sealer). Both solutions worked.


      From: john hill <nil_dog@...<mailto:nil_dog@...>>
      Subject: Re: Re: Keeping the hammock dry...

      I wonder how this would work on a Hennessey if you made your rubber disk and punched a round hole smaller than the support rope and slide it into place. Seems to me this would work pretty well. If the fit was tight enough you might not even need the silicone.


      carterm@...<mailto:carterm@...> wrote:
      Hi Marta,

      I'm using them on Ed's 1" webbing, on a homemade Speer type hammock.
      I had good luck with the bandana trick you showed me with the Hennessy ropes.
      (Worked fine for TS Cindy). Standing Indian is a good place to test the "water blockers" for sure.
      I'm planning another trip there in a few weeks. I have a friend that wants to go, and I'm working on getting his interest up on hammocking.


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