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12686Re: RE: [Hammock Camping] Keeping dry

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  • tim garner
    Feb 3, 2006
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      brian... i can`t help but think that was just one of those unusual, hard to explain things. a line or two of stiching surly couldn`t weaken a webbing strap unless there was something else unseen going on there. i`m still going to experiment w/ that kind of water block. i think it`s a sure way to devert water. but mabey w/ a little more caution. i hope your sore back will be fine in a day or two. ...tim

      opnheartscrub@... wrote:

      Michael and Jeff,

      I was worried about my lumbar fusion but it seems to have hurt my
      pride more than my back. It knocked the wind out of me but at least
      the dog was the only witness! The straps were fairly new as I got
      them from Ed at the last SEHHA Hangout. I don't believe UV rot was to
      blame. I actually heard the fibers tearing but by the time I realized
      what was happening it was too late. The seam was still intact on the
      cross piece of webbing. The strap pulled apart right at the
      stitching. For what it's worth, the other side looks ok even under
      the magnifying glass. I stitch my end loops the same as you do and
      they appear to be ok. I think I'm going to go back to my rope setup
      which should solve my water problem also.



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      tim garner

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