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12672RE: [Hammock Camping] Keeping dry

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  • Michael Carter
    Feb 2, 2006

      I hope you didn't get hurt too badly when your hammock failed.
      I'm puzzled by this one. I don't understand why this would be any different than the stiches used for the end loops,
      or for the loops some of us use for the bugnet ridgeline attachments.
      It might be useful to look at the area where the strap parted with a good magnifying glass or microscope to see if you can tell what happened.
      I would also look at the one that didn't fail to see if you can see any damage caused by the stitches, comparing the two.
      Do you know what the breaking strength of the strap material is? If it was marginal to begin with, anything such as the stiches might
      weaken it just enough to cause a failure. I'm interested - I don't want a similar failure.
      I run a straightline stitch back and forth several times to make the bar tacks, which equates to an extremely short stitch length. When I get back home to
      NC, I plan to look mine over very carefully for any damage.
      Please keep us informed if you learn anything more.


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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Keeping dry

      Although sewing a short length of strap onto my hanging straps as a
      water stop worked very well for its intended purpose, the seam some
      how severely weakened the straps. I am now recovering from a 3' drop
      I just made as one of my straps failed right at the water stop seam.
      Just a heads up for Tim and anyone else trying this method. I have
      used the hammock with the water stops in place several times with no
      problems. I set it up this time to take pictures but didn't get that
      far. Maybe I'll go back to a rope and tree hugger setup. It just
      seems funny that the straps don't show any signs of stress where I
      sewed the loops in the ends. Anyone have any ideas on why this


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