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12659Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Rope Diameter for Spectra Cord

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  • jonas4321
    Jan 31, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@i...> wrote:
      > To tell you the truth, I did not like the little spectra lines on my
      > hammock any more than I like them on the Hennessey Hammocks. The
      > braided exterior of mine tends to get little puffy pulls, and the
      line abraids the nylon of the hammock itself. The line does not
      flatten out
      > on a tree, so tree huggers become absolutely necessary to protect the
      > tree. It is all a lot of trouble.

      I have not had the spectra cord I bought (made by New England Rope)
      have any of the puffy pulls, but I don't have them anywhere near
      velcro or other such stuff, maybe that makes a difference?

      I did not like the way they worked against the fabric of my hammock,
      either. The small diameter gave me concerns that I would "slice" the
      fabric in the double sheet bend configuration. That's why I went to
      the hammock hugger strap on the hammock ends (pictures soon).

      I agree that the use of these ropes makes tree huggers necessary, but
      I am at the stage where I appreciate tree huggers, I have not reached
      a level of frequency of use or of weight concerns that others may
      have. In fact, I am using a carabiner on the strap to tie to- it makes
      the Hennessy knot very quick and easy to tie (but weight-conscious
      folks would not like the 'biner weights).

      Finally, I do LOVE the lack of stretch that these ropes provide. When
      I hang my hammock, there's no longer a need to adjust- it stays where
      I tied it and keeps its "sag" the same all night. That is the biggest
      benefit in my opinion.


      ps- I don't relish the thought of dropping a few feet to the ground,
      thanks for putting that "visual" into my head, Rick <grin>!!!
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