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12643RE: [Hammock Camping] Using Velcro to secure bottom quilts - it works

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  • Chuck Haak
    Jan 30, 2006
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      Dave Chamberlain Wrote:
      I have not seen anyone mention using Velcro to secure a bottom quilt in

      Hi Dave
      I recently made an underquilt that uses the Velcro along the sides of my
      homemade Speer. Instead of continuous Velcro on the quilt I used strips
      about 10" long spaced along the edges. I have only used it once, but it
      worked very well. I should note that I rarely use the bug net, but it would
      not be impossible to make a quilt that allows for attachment of the bug net.

      As with all underquilts, you should either make it form fitting or make it
      in a way that you can snug it up under the hammock. I made a rectangular
      quilt and ran a series of draw strings in tubes across it about 16" apart. I
      get into my hammock, adjust the drawstrings to snug the quilt under me and
      cozy in for the night. As I said, it worked very well, in fact, one night I
      was too warm in mid 30s temps. It occurred to me later that if I got too
      warm during the night, I could loosen the drawstrings to decrease the
      efficiency of the quilt. I haven't tried that though.

      Pbmoo4 in Tucson
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