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12634Keeping the hammock dry...

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  • Michael B. Carter
    Jan 29, 2006
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      Just to keep the thread going regarding the ongoing saga of water running
      down the straps and soaking the hammock.
      Here's my latest "water blocker" idea for my hammock straps. It's working
      very well so far.
      I cut apart an inner tube, and made two discs about 2.5" in diameter
      each. I cut a slot in each one, and
      slid one over each hanging strap. I ran a thin bead of silicone on each
      side of the disc along both sides of the strap.
      This may not be absolutely necessary, but I wanted to rule out any
      possibility of wicking. So far they are blocking
      any water I can make run down the straps, and they weigh practically
      nothing (less than 1/2 oz total). Long term test when I get back from
      Oregon this week (I know - Oregon is the perfect place to test the idea,
      but work will be getting in the way of that).

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