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  • Ed Speer
    May 2, 2003
      Sean, we avoid most ropes because they do damage tree bark--they tend to tighten and roll down the side of the tree when loaded and this action can greatly burn or bruise the bark. Webbing at least 1" wide stays flat against the tree and does not harm the bark. High memory webbing like nylon should also be avoided since it can harm young bark because it stretches under load, grips the bark, and then burns the bark as it unstretches as the load shifts or is removed. Low-memory stretch polypro webbing or no-stretch polyester webbing work very well since they do not bunch up on the tree--especially if several full wraps around the tree are employed.
      Many recreational hammocks come with round rope that causes a lot of damage. Even the polypro ropes common on many hammocks can be a problem. In fact, so much tree damage has been done by these hammocks in the past, that some government parks, preserves and campgrounds already prohibit the hanging of any hammock from trees. These restrictions will become more widespread if we hammock hangers don't go the extra mile to protect trees. Suitable, wide flat webbing is the solution...Ed
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      From: Sean Keplinger [mailto:skeplin@...]
      Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 8:57 AM
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      Subject: Hammock Camping "Tree-Hugger" Straps...

      I've been following the thread regaring the use of webbing and had a
      thought: is this any different that using a rope? Wouldn't the nylon bunch
      up towards the bottom when weight is applied, cutting into the bark just
      as a standard piece of rope would?

      What about an old seatbelt from a junkyard with loops sewn together at
      the ends? Too heavy?

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