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12606RE: {Spam?} [Hammock Camping] Re: Winter Hammock fabrics

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 27, 2006
      Jeff, the Clark Jungle Hammock has an inner zip-in wind shell made from
      light breathable ripstop. It does trap a lot of escaping body heat and only
      gets slightly wet from breath condensation-at least in the conditions I
      tried it. Suess made his own with a clear plastic peep hole at the head
      end-I think he's happy with it. So such a design does work quite well. I
      would be interested in hearing if you or anyone else finds an even better
      suited fabric..Ed

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      > Jeff, your mention of GoreTex for a cold weather replacement for
      the bugnet
      > is quite possible. It certainly would protect from blowing snow.
      > perhaps some other fabric might also work--I've never been
      satisfied with
      > the actual in-the-field function of GoreTex;

      I agree. I'd like to use MP but I can't find a source for a big
      enough material that doesn't require a bulk order. I'd also be a
      bit concerned about it whipping around in strong winds, but it would
      probably be good enough for most conditions. Certainly worth an
      extra layer of protection, IMO. Maybe even make it double as a

      My biggest concern is venting breath. I like DebW's design because
      it allows that. I think I'd like to have something up on a
      ridgeline, or held up like a bugnet, in case I'm in there for a
      while. That might make the condensation worse, though.

      Anyway - just a thought. I think it would be a useful product, and
      it would fit like a module on your current line.


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