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1256Hammock Camping Re: Double bottom hammocks?

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  • Ray Garlington
    May 2, 2003
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      please see comments below:

      > Ray,I've been experimenting with the GI, using a cheap poly tarp
      >that I cut into 5 x 9 ft. with drawstrings on all sides. My results
      >have not been good, I think due to the cheap poly tarp material and
      >huge hassle rigging the thing up and trying to get inside the HH.

      On the HH, when rigging, you must leave enough slack at the foot end
      ties so that the mid-bottom of the foot end of the tarp can reach the
      split (or close to it). When rigged this way, you need to use a
      little more care when entering so that you don't sit on the GI shell's
      ridge lines.

      > You mention that you are using loops on the corners. Are you using
      > shock cord for those?
      I'm not using shock cord, just tying off the long ends at the 'right'
      spot. Shock cord might help.

      > I know you said you use a drawstring at the foot end. Do you still
      >tie the corners of the foot end off to the ridge line, and then pull
      > it up with a drawstring that exits at the center of the foot end
      I tie the foot end corners to the ridge line, and use the drawstring
      to remove the excess slack.

      > And one more question... Do you use drawstrings on the long sides?

      I have forgone the drawstrings on the long sides, and am now using
      just a 6'x8.5' silnylon tarp that works well. I'll be testing this for
      about 8 nights starting tonight and will report the utility of this
      configuration when used with the Speer hammock at the end of my hike.

      > I think the GI would be perfect if I could easily
      > hang it and end up with a shell thats snug fitting enough to place a
      > pad/clothes/etc. in and not have to worry about them moving around.
      It does work well. On this trip I will be seeing how well a cheap
      garbage bag combined with a 'space blanket' holds up on an extended
      outing. I doubt I'll really need that much insulation on this trip,
      but will be using it just to test durability. The silnylon tarp,
      plastic bag, space blanket and rubber band is very light (~12oz).
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