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1255Re: Hammock Camping Re: Double bottom hammocks?

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  • Chester Clocksin
    May 2 5:00 AM
      I've been experimenting with the GI, using a cheap poly tarp that I cut into 5 x 9 ft. with drawstrings on all sides. My results have not been good, I think due to the cheap poly tarp material and huge hassle rigging the thing up and trying to get inside the HH. I like the concept a lot, especially the dual use aspect of a tarp/shell. You mention that you are using loops on the corners. Are you using shock cord for those? How do you take up the slack? I know you said you use a drawstring at the foot end. Do you still tie the corners of the foot end off to the ridge line, and then pull it up with a drawstring that exits at the center of the foot end hem? And one more question... Do you use drawstrings on the long sides?
      Sorry for all questions. I think the GI would be perfect if I could easily hang it and end up with a shell thats snug fitting enough to place a pad/clothes/etc. in and not have to worry about them moving around. I like the ideas on the list of a double bottom hammock too, but I think the bottom entry of the HH complicates things for that set up, not to mention the hassle of having to do some modifications (sewing) to my HH.

      Ray Garlington <rgarling@...> wrote:
      > If I were to make a double bottom hammock I would cut
      > the bottom one a little longer and let the bottom one sag just a
      > little.  This would not be a big deal with a pad of foam but for a
      > dual use items like extra clothes, especially anything down I'm
      > thinking it needs a little extra room.  What do yall think?
      > Coy Boy 

      I think having some adjustability in the size of the gap between
      hammock bottoms is important.  This would allow the use of varying
      thicknesses of insulation.

      I am having good luck and little hassle with a 6'x8.5' tarp with loops
      at the corners and a drawstring at the foot end.  I can connect it
      within a minute to either a Hennessey or a Speer. (just keep the
      attachment lines on the hammock body)  The footend draw string is used
      to take up the slack in between.

      For my annual AT section hike starting this afternoon, I have decided
      to use the Speer Hammock with the 8x10 tarp, the Garlington Insulator,
      and wrap the hammock body & GI shell with snakeskins. 

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