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1247Re: nude nylon slumber

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  • uluheman
    May 1, 2003
      I made a large hammock from "high thread count nylon taffeta" that I
      got on sale from OWF. I just sewed a casing with two or three rows of
      stitching along each end of the large rectangle and ran spectra line
      through the casing.

      This hammock--big enough for two or even three--gets a lot of use in
      certain wilderness spots on the beach here in Hawaii. It has
      comfortably accomodated many happy naked backpackers. And that's been
      true even during the day, when it can get pretty hot. Of course, I
      try to put the hammock in the shade. The feel of the nylon on bare
      skin is cool and comfortable.

      I must admit that it never gets really hot here; 94F or so is the all-
      time record, I think. And we usually enjoy tradewinds; it's
      never "too hot" in the shade at the beach. But, still, I'll bet the
      nylon works for you.

      Brandon in Honolulu

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "busterx32000"
      <busterx32000@y...> wrote:
      > thanks gentlemen but the idea of sleeping nude skin to nylon is not
      > pleasant thought for me...thus my comment of "poaching in my own
      > perspiration"
      > nylon against my skin has not been comfortable in the past..but we
      > shall see and I will submit a report... poached or comfy...
      > may require rum as medication..
      > JB
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